Life is weird enough.

21 Jul

As some of you may know, I have worked in food service for over four and a half years now. It may not seem as a long time, and it probably isn’t when you are talking of other types of work. But, as anyone who has worked behind a counter serving the public knows, it doesn’t take long to become both jaded to the appalling levels of rudeness and entitlement displayed for your hapless benefit, and endlessly amazed at the new levels of idiocy and privilege every other day of work brings.

To whit,  shenanigans from this past weekend.

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We will miss you, Mr Garner

20 Jul

I read the most succinct and wonderful obituary for James Garner at a forum I help moderate:

He was always a pleasure to see in what ever he did. That’s not a shabby legacy.

Thank you for the many hours of entertainment, for the good humor, the smiles, the charming scamp, the thoughtful frown and the wise curmudgeon.

And thank you, always, for Murphy:


Private Arrangements, by Sherry Thomas

16 Jul

Private ArrangementsThis slightly tardy review is my contribution to this  month’s TBR Challenge, hosted by the wonderful SLWendy. This month’s theme, “Lovely Rita” (aka, RITA nominated books)

Private Arrangements, by Sherry Thomas

This book has been languishing in the old TBR mountain range for YEARS–seriously, at least four or five–which, it turns out, is a freaking crying shame. The writing, the sense of period, the language, the characterization–they are all so very polished, this reader would have readily believe that Ms Thomas had published a dozen titles prior to the release of Private Arrangements.

However, I see now, though I didn’t realize it when I first started seeing this book praised pretty much everywhere online, is that it is Ms Thomas’ debut novel. Frankly, unless someone made a point of telling you this while giving you the book, you would not know it.

A warning, though: this is a book about estranged spouses who are very much bitter against each other. If you, like me, have lived through relationships that turn acrimonious to the point of poison, you may be a tad leery about books like this one. I know I was doubtful that I could believe in any sort of reconciliation between the two protagonists,  but Ms Thomas does an excellent job a making me care about these two people and their journey to happiness.

Here’s the back cover blurb:
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Where the hell is aztec? (an update of sorts)

11 Jul

I just realized yesterday that a couple of weeks had passed between my Tardis post and the Laurens’ review I posted on Tuesday. It honestly hasn’t felt like that long, for a couple of reasons.

My life had been so…static? stagnant? for the last few years, it truly seemed like nothing ever happened. Days and weeks went by while I wasn’t paying attention, and yet, it never surprised me when I would look up and realized six weeks–or six months–had passed me by. Drudgery tends to have that effect on people, doesn’t it?

But since getting the new job, a number of things have happened one right after the next–some of them good, some of them excellent, a few of them not good, and a couple rather bad–and I truly haven’t had a lot of time to catch my breath, or for my emotions and my mind to settle. And so, I was in fact surprised when I realized how long it had been between posts.

(And rather irked at myself for how long it’s been between reviews)

In no particular order, some of the things that have happened:

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