Nalini Singh’s Rock Addiction Cover Reveal!

15 Aug

Some of you may remember that Nalini Singh announced a couple of weeks ago that she has written a contemporary romance which will be released in just over three weeks. Yes, yes, we’ll have a Nalini Singh release on September 9th, and it’s the first installment of a short series. Cool, yes?

Well, I’m taking part in the massive cover reveal and promotional tour, so here you have it. TA DA!!!

Rock Addiction cover

Isn’t it a great cover? And check out the blurb:

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Rambling rant and other stories.

13 Aug

(Please keep in mind that this was written on Sunday afternoon. After Monday’s news, all the shit below seems petty, small, unimportant–and yet, life must go on, so here it is.)


I’m very tired–working seven days a week ain’t for sissies–and dealing with some family crap that has no easy solution has sapped the cheerfulness out of me. Feel free to skip to the more neutral bits at the end, or entirely ignore this one, and instead expect a review in the next couple of days.

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May you forever be at peace, Robin.

11 Aug

I just now learned that Robin Williams is dead. Some of you may know that he suffered from depression for most of his life. Apparently it was bad at the moment and suicide is suspected. I am sure I join many, many people all around the globe who are thinking not only of the loss of such a talented human being, but of his family.

For many reasons this has hit me a lot harder than it may have otherwise.

I was never lucky enough to meet Robin Williams, and I can’t presume to know much about the person behind the public persona, but I’m extremely sad by the loss of life and hope on a person still young and vital, a person who had brought so much joy to countless people of different ages and upbringings and beliefs.

Towards the end of his appearance at Inside the Actors’ Studio, when asked, “If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?” part of his answer was, “To know that there’s laughter.”

If there is a heaven, or any thereafter at all, I am sure you have brought laughter there with you.

Godspeed, Robin Williams. The world is a much quieter, and sadder, place without you.

Oh dear dog, so true!!! (NSFW: language)

30 Jul


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