Thank you for the love.

9 Apr

Today I had to say goodbye to Shadow, a much loved and loving friend.

~ * ~

A couple of weeks ago I noticed she was a bit thinner than usual.

Ten days ago I noticed her hair was not as shiny…and she was even thinner.

A week ago I was alarmed by how much weigh she had lost, so quickly, and how skinny she felt and looked, and after close observation for a couple of days, I realized she had stopped eating.

Today, after talking with our vet, I had to make the painful decision to put my friend to sleep.

I want to remember all the good times.
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Because if I don’t share, I’ll explode: a Goldilocks story

4 Mar

Yesterday at work (not verbatim, but pretty damn close):

Customer to cashier: I want a capuccino.

Cashier: One cappucino.

Customer: With vanilla.

Cashier: Vanilla cappucino.

Customer: But not too much vanilla.

Cashier: Light vanilla…

Customer: No, i don’t want light vanilla, I want regular vanilla.

Cashier: Yes, ma’am, I meant “light” as in “not too much”…

Customer: But I don’t want too little either.

Cashier: …

Three minutes later:

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The Mistress Diaries, by Julianne MacLean

3 Mar

The Mistress DiariesThe Mistress Diaries, Julianne MacLean

I honestly have no idea how this book came to be in the immense TBR Mountain Range, though it must probably landed here from some giveaway at some point in the past five years or so. However, I have heard good things about Ms MacLean’s work* and since this months’ TBR challenge is a “new to me” author, I thought I would finally try it.

Boy oh boy.

Let’s just say that I’ll look for another book for the challenge—there’s bound to be something in this house that I haven’t read yet that will not make me wish I could stab its protagonists. With a fork.

Reader beware: profanity laced ranting ahead.

While the novel is narrated in the traditional third person, the blurb is—apparently—taken from the eponymous mistress’ diary:

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No Rest For The Wicked, by Kresley Cole

19 Feb

This month’s entry for SLWendy’s TBR Challenge, “series catch up” (oh dear)

No Rest For The WickedNo Rest for the Wicked, by Kresley Cole

A few years ago I read Ms Cole’s A Hunger Like No Other, the first full length novel in her Immortals After Dark series. While I had issues with the novel, I liked well enough to think I would immediately devour whichever other books in the series were out at the time (four, it turns out) and be ready for imminent release of the next one. So I went out to my trusty used book store and managed to find them all, brought them home and added to the humongous, infamous TBR Mountain Range.

Fast forward almost four years…

As it happens, No Rest for the Wicked is only the second title in the series.



Apparently, my issues with the book were more serious than I thought (more on this below).

Anyway, here’s the back cover blurb:
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