On donating to Dear Author’s legal defense fund.

29 Mar

In the light of Jane Litte’s revelation that she is also Jen Frederick, apparently a successful NA author, one of the sentiments that popped up pretty much on the spot was, “how dare she ask for money when she’s filthy, filthy rich!”

First, a few things:

  • I am not a lawyer.
  • I don’t pretend to be a lawyer.
  • I don’t play a lawyer anywhere.
  • What follows is not legal advice.

All clear? Okay, then.

I believe The Curious Case of Ellora’s Cave post is not defamatory in any way. The facts it presents are public, and the opinions of the author are, precisely because they are opinions, protected in the US by the First Amendment.

Let me repeat that last bit for you: even if the piece hadn’t been as well researched and backed up by information available to any person curious enough to hunt it up, as it was; even then, it would still be the author’s opinion, and therefore, protected speech.

Unfortunately, the US also has a culture of abusing the legal system to try to silence critics. Or, as someone else told me when the suit was filed, anyone can sue anyone for any damn thing.

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Strolling down memory lane

28 Mar

(This post was written and scheduled on Sunday March 23, 2015, as I had hoped to post two or three reviews during the week. Fat chance, after this. I thought about re-scheduling or deleting it then, but you know what? Fuck that. So here you have it, a stroll down memory lane.)


I have been part of the Bitchery–as a habitual reader and regular commentator for most of the ten years the website has existed. There are many things about the site and the people who run it that I adore, many that I enjoy, some that I disagree with (which is, you know, normal when we are talking about people–not two people are going to agree on absolutely everything, right?)

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I hate eating my words.

26 Mar

I. fucking. hate it.

Sometimes, however, there is little choice but to do so.

A quick timeline of my part of this growing quagmire.

On Tuesday March 24th, Jane Litte posted this letter to the Dear Author blog readership. In it, she came out as author Jen Frederick.

I was very, very, very surprised to learn this. I’m probably a proper imbecile, because it just never occurred to me. Did I mention I was surprised by this?

Other people apparently were a lot less shocked.

My first reaction was of glee, and my first comment in that thread reflected that.

Of course, the internet being what it is (i. e., full of people), vitriol towards Jane/Jen started flowing pretty damn quickly. At least some of it is, whatever the people dishing it out may say, sour grapes,¹ so I dismissed it immediately–consider the source and all that.

Of course, being the mouthy rabblerouser that I am, I also wanted to write my piece–posted on Wednesday March 25th–to expand upon that comment at Dear Author and jab at certain people at the same time.

Which meant reading a bit more.

I saw SLWendy’s post and it gave me some pause–an uncomfortable feeling, if you will, that I did not take the time to examine as closely as I should have. I saw Courtney Milan’s delayed reaction on twitter, and felt the same vague discomfort.

Still, I finished writing my post fairly late that night, feeling confident I knew enough to reiterate my original reaction and support of Jane/Jen in the face of the inevitable backlash. At that point I thought that a lot if not most of said backlash was a) still to come, and b) going to be baseless.

Here is where I start eating my words.

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The grandmother of all plot twists!

25 Mar

Second update: I’m eating some of my words.

Update: I’m closing comments and mulling a few things before I post something else–probably tomorrow morning. To find out why, read this as the Passive Voice.


If you read Dear Author regularly, this is not news for you.

If you don’t…well, prepare to go down the rabbit hole. (This is freaking long, even for me.)

Jane Litte, reader, reviewer and ‘mean girl’ extraordinaire, also happens to be a self published and traditionally published author of a number of books (all written in about two and a half years, apparently, some with another fairly well known author, Jessica Clare), who has enough success to put the whole “(something or other) best seller” under her author name–Jen Frederick.

Here’s my comment on that post (minus the editing error (i.e., “to all those people” *headdesk*)
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