Crafty New Year Flowers

25 Jan
Artsy shot of a blue flower with shimmery silver overtones, that's made with thin cardboard cut and painted to resemble petals stacked on a vertical stem (similar to hyacinth or allium, sort of), with two green airy leaves cut from the same material, all on a bamboo skewer. The background is black and the lighting is sort of dramatic.

If you are new here, you may not know that I like making stuff by hand, preferably with upcycled materials. Sometimes these efforts fall short of the mark, and sometimes they turn out pretty damned cute. This is one of the later cases. Look at that pretty flower! And honestly, it’s better looking in person.

Let me show you how it all went down.

Beware: another image-heavy crafting post ahoy!

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Forever Your Earl, by Eva Leigh

18 Jan
A blonde white woman wearing a royal blue gown, her shoulders and back bare, looks back over her shoulder at the reader, holding a masquerade mask with tall pink plumes. The background and overall color palette indicates the interior of a grand British mansion at night.

I have had a signed copy of this book waiting on the TBR for a long time–I think I may have gotten it at RWA 2017, which was held in Orlando that year, but honestly, my memory can’t be trusted on this, it may have been even longer than that. As it’s the first in a series and the first the author wrote under this name, it feels very appropriate for SuperWendy’s January TBR Challenge theme: starting over. (see footnote 1)

Eva Leigh is Zoë Archer‘s pseudonyms; like Amanda Quick before her, this author has reinvented herself as inspiration and the market have intersected, generally with great success with readers.

Reader beware: a secondary character suffers from severe PTSD (no episodes on page), explicit sex on page.

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7 Jan

I find myself in need of advice from the sensible people who regularly read this blog.

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January 6th has a new meaning.

6 Jan

In the Christian calendar, today is the Feast of the Epiphany. In some traditions it’s called Three Kings Day, and it’s when children get presents (as Baby Jesus did from the Magi).

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