You don’t have to try.

26 Jan

Recently I have been paying more attention to diversity of representation in the media I enjoy.

I have also been quite fed up with music without meaning. Don’t get me wrong, catchy songs are great–but a song where the same four phrases are repeated twenty seven times ? (“Feliz Navidad,” I’m looking at you)

So, while one can argue that, because the singer is yet another young, slim, white, privileged woman, this song is just more of the same…well, I really like the message of the song, and I absolutely love the video:

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A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters

20 Jan

A Morbid Taste for BonesA few months ago, I don’t remember exactly how or where (though I am pretty sure it was during the many discussions of the puppies and the Hugos), it was brought to my attention that the author of the Brother Cadfael novels was, in fact, a woman.

On impulse, the next time I happened to visit the one remaining used bookstore within fifty miles, I bought over half a dozen of the Cadfael Chronicles, thinking it was about time I read at least one of the books that helped popularize historical mysteries.

Unfortunately, by then I was suffering form the most horrific reading slump known to woman, and so the books have been languishing in the many peaks and ridges of ye olde TBR Cordillera.

Until Saturday.

On Saturday, I grabbed the first title and didn’t let go until I was done.

So here it is, my first TBR Challenge review of 2016.¹

A Morbid Taste for Bones, by Ellis Peters

I am not exactly sure how I had managed to keep myself innocent of all things Brother Cadfael. I mean, I knew that there was a television series, apparently very good, but that was pretty much it.

Now, I’m kicking myself over and over–what. an. idiot! I’ve been, not reading these novels!

Here’s the blurb, from my battered paper copy:
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This bodes well!

16 Jan

In the midst of panic–the TBR Challenge review is due this Wednesday!–I just managed to laugh out loud.

While reading.

While reading a new-to-me author, to boot.

This truly bodes well.


(and I just realized I need to change the image and link on the sidebar–gah)

On actually using your brain for thinking.

13 Dec

In view of the many moronic things being said all over the media–both by people like Donald “I’m an lying, racist, bigotted asshole” Trump, and the “let’s go back to the times of the wild, wild frontier, and carry guns everywhere” sheriffs, universities, et al¹–it’s incredibly refreshing to see a young man, who actually would have cause to be bitterly biased against an entire group of people, stop to think, and then speak out.

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Who won? (EC v DA)

11 Dec

(See update at the end)

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorAs I mentioned the other day, I’m still following #notchilled, because there are still many authors and other contractors, who have not been fully paid for their work.¹

Tina Engler/Jaid Black has her own narrative–but then, she always has looked at things from a very…special point of view, hasn’t she?

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Crazy cat lady

10 Dec

I have mentioned before that most of the pets I’ve owned (or rather, cared for) in the past twenty years, have landed at my house either on their own accord, or as rescues.¹

Earlier this year I was bemoaning the fact that my pets had either died of old age, or gone away,² and that I was feeling more than a bit bereft.

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Update on the Dear Author/Jane Litte Defense fund

9 Dec

Ellora's Cave sues Dear AuthorBack in March of this year, when Jane Litte revealed that she is also author Jen Frederick, some people who donated to the Dear Author defense fund were quite vocal about how the fund should never have been created to begin with, what with Jane being “rich.”

At the time, I waxed on and on about why it shouldn’t fall on Jane’s shoulders alone to stand up to a vexatious lawsuit.

People have the right to feel whatever the hell they want, about whatever the fuck they want to, but since Sarah Wendell (or perhaps it was Jane herself, that part is not clear) updated the fund page today, I want to post some quick numbers, and then leave it to my readers to decide whether it’s reasonable to expect any single person to shoulder the cost of a lawsuit designed to intimidate people and shut them up.

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