Her Hands, My Hands

Why Her Hands, My Hands? It all started with this, a lovely essay written by my secondborn back when they were just 15 years old (and it still brings tears to my eyes every time I read it).

A few months later I opened an Etsy store under that name (long since closed), and now…well, now I’m doing the unthinkable.

* * *

For the longest time I have shied away from even thinking about having my own blog. I believe I made statements similar to, “Over my dead body!” on the topic.

Obviously, as I’m typing, I’m not dead–and so the unthinkable did happen.

This blog, as I start it, is mostly meant as a catch all for things that interest me.

There will be posts for knitting or crafting projects–not only things I make for my Etsy store but items sold directly via word of mouth, email requests, etc. Perhaps, if I ever become confident and proficient enough with camera and software (and conceited enough about what I make), there could be tutorials for crafty things.

And of course, opinion pieces and ponderings and ramblings on everything and anything that catches my eye.

* * *

For book reviews dated prior to January 2012, my main source is Karen Scott’s blog–many of those reviews were cross-posted to a couple other places shortly after their original publication, but again, her blog would be the original source. I will note, in my book reviews page, those occasions where the review was posted elsewhere first.

* * *

January 2015: Upon some reflection, I am also re-posting here all the opinion pieces, etc. that I originally published at Karen’s between February 2008 and mid-September 2014–though the comment threads, which are invaluable, remain there.

* * *

March 25th 2015: For context, see Jessica Tripler’s ReadReactReview interview from November 2009.

March 26th 2015, My post on credibility and reputation for context. The post went up at Karen Scott’s blog in January 2009.

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