3 Sep

Originally posted at Karen Scott’s blog.

We all love drama. The more convoluted, drawn out, ridiculous it is, the more we love it.

Some of us love it behind closed doors—or in the case of these here intrawebz, by lurking quietly in the background. And some of us have to be on hand wherever pieces of the wreckage happen to fall. The majority of us, like any good normal distribution, fall somewhere in between these extremes. And more power to us, really.

But occasionally, even the most stalwart among us get a tad fed up with all the screeching of “mean girlz” and the batshit crazy, so today I would like to list some of the amazingly cool people I’ve met around blogland this year. I say some because I’m liable to forget one or more (please do forgive me if your name isn’t mentioned—I’m having a CRS* day) (Perhaps I shouldn’t write this now…) (But then, there’s no guarantee I’ll ever get over the CRS*)

First up, the authors I’ve interacted with in the past few months (since I started reviewing) who have shown me that writing and maturity (to say nothing of graciousness and professionalism) can coexist beautifully.

Authors who have written to me to thank me after less than glowing reviews: Ann Christopher, Lori Devoti, Paula Roe, Larissa Ione, Patrice Michelle, Laurie Viera Rigley.

Authors who have been patient and understanding when I’ve been late with a promised review: Amber Carlton, Angie Fox, Sandra Schwab, Jackie Kessler, Lauren Dane.

An author who stands out for her amazing graciousness is Sara Reinke, who replied “I’m sorry you didn’t like the book. Having been utterly bored by books that other people enjoyed (Stephen King’s Insomnia, for example), I know how you feel. Wish it wasn’t about MY book, but hey, it happens. Thanks for sharing your feedback!” to a comment that said, in part, “I’d be happy to pass on my ARC to someone who would actually read it. I sincerely hope I’ll never get bored enough to give it a second go round.”

Then there is the rather large contingent of authors who consistently behave like mature adults and consummate professionals: Nora Roberts, Shiloh Walker, Ann Aguirre, Meljean Brook, Brownyn Jameson, Jule Jones… and the list goes on and on and on

And then there are the bloggers. Whatever a few loonies want to say about bloggers, my experience for years has been that most of them are generous, sensible and intelligent people. This year I’ve been lucky enough to become a bit closer with some of them.

Lisabea, who started it all (yes, I blame you)
Sybil (bad duckie)
Mad Fatin :grin: from Novel Thoughts
Holly and the ladies at the Book Binge
Always the Ja(y)(ni)(ia)ne(t)s (I’m sure I forgot at least one…)
The smartest bitches in the whole intrawebz, SBSarah and Candy
The inimitable Wendy, our very own SuperLibrarian
Jennifer at Random Musings
Katie(babs) and Kristie(J)

* CRS: can’t remember shit.

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