I ask a question

29 Sep

Dear authors,

Could you change publishers?


I know it’s selfish of me, but see, here’s the thing.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to read some really cool stuff from some people who, unfortunately, are published with outfits I just… erm… how can I put this?

Well, I wouldn’t give my credit card information to them if they were face to face with me and I knew where they live—let alone over a (badly designed) website with only dog knows what kind of security software. Sorry, nope, not me, not in a million years.

Then there are the publishers with an apparently higher-than-their-share percentage of vocal-and-out-of-control authors who go on ranting all over the place. *coughnotnamingnamescough* Nothing will drive me away from a smaller epub quicker and more decidedly than the crazy.

And see, as selfish and self absorbed as I am—which is plenty, I’m sure—I would love for more people to read your stuff, because it’s really good. And the more people read your stuff, the more likely it is that you’ll keep writing. You win, I win, see?

And, since I know I’m not the only one who balks about forking over hard earned money to specific publishers *coughnotgivingnamesdon’twasteyour timeguessingcough* so, perhaps, branching out to as many other, bigger, better known epublishers as possible would be a good career move?

Pretty please?

With sugar on top?

Yours truly,

Little ole me.

(Eerie: I have had this post written and waiting in my hard drive for a couple of months, wondering whether it was even worth posting. Then I see this (TeddyPig’s comments through the thread) and this at Dear Author. Ergo, posting it)


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