When other cues are missing

2 Oct

A while back I posted about how I try to be cautious when I post something, either here or as a comment somewhere else, because it’s easy to be misunderstood online. After all, there is no body language, no fluctuation in tone, and rarely is there previous knowledge of communication style to aid the reader in interpreting my words.Therefore, I go to some pains in trying to be really clear as to what I mean.

Evidently I need to do more.

Ms Somerville, when talking about vocal authors going off on rants all over the web, I was most certainly not referring to you. I was referring to authors who go off on readers who dare either not like or review their books, but since I’m all about not giving free publicity to idiots, I didn’t want to name names nor link to posts.

Frankly, you weren’t on my radar at all.

(Then again, I could just follow my lovely s.o.’s advice, shrug and say, “if the crazy fits, wear it”)

~ ~ ~ ~

You really should read the original thread *shaking head in amazement*

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