Classy in the best sense of the word

3 Oct

Remember what I said about having class?

Here’s another example:

I received word from my editor on October 1, 2008 that there will be no further books in The Brethren Series. I appreciate all of the wonderful feedback I’ve received from readers and know many have been left wondering what happens after DARK HUNGER ends. Although I tried three times to pitch an additional installment to the series, the original pitch is the story as I meant it to continue. I don’t have much of the manuscript completed, and what I do have, you’ll find in the “Deleted Scenes” thread at my forum, as alternate scenes from “Dark Hunger.” The outline for the proposed third book in the Brethren Series, “Dark Passion” is now also available at my forum. IT CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE PUBLISHED BOOKS. Hopefully it will answer any lingering questions readers may have about the events set up in “Hunger.”:grin: You’ll find it here.
Thanks again to everyone who has read my books and let me know their thoughts on them. You’ve made a rewarding experience even more worthwhile.

Ms Reinke, allow me to express my sadness at this news, as well as my admiration for the grace you’ve displayed under what are undoubtedly trying circumstances for you. Would that more people followed your example.

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