Separation of church and state in the USA: a modern myth

16 Nov

Fair warning for those who have strong religious beliefs and who identify with any particular organized religion or church: what follows is a rant, and it may be (will likely be) insulting to your sensibilities. Unless you want your blood pressure raised, you would be better off skipping it. Thank you.

And with that out of the way…

Remember the outcry over the mormon church’s financial support to the Proposition 8 campaign in California?

Well, please feel free to spread that outcry to other churches.

It’s not just the mormons trying to make a mockery of their respect of the constitution, when they urge elected officials to perform their service to the public while also bowing to the church’s demand.

Please take a gander at the catholic bishops who are denying communion to public officials—gee, and here I thought that forgiveness was one of the main tenets of christianism.

But lo! Their christian generosity doesn’t end there: they’d rather close their hospitals—and leave people without medical care—than perform legal medical procedures if abortion is legalized.


Or let’s check out this other priest, who is standing on his pulpit (metaphorically and probably literally) threatening the faithful with Hell and damnation for not toeing a religious line in their civic lives.

Are these people (bishops, priests, corner preachers) within their rights to air their personal opinions? Yes.

Are they within their right to use their church as a platform for political discourse? Methinks not.

And these two articles are the kind of thing that make me wish that religious organizations (aka churches) who indulge in this behaviour got their tax exemption yanked out from under them.

So to them I say: Congratulations, you are total, complete, and accomplished assholes.


For those paying attention: the lack of capitalization is deliberate.