Yet another WTF?!?!? moment

8 Dec

For the past year and a half, many of us heard about the rumor that (then) Senator Obama was not a US citizen and, therefore, was not elegible to become President of the US, as per the constitution’s requirement that a candidate be a “natural born citizen” (so, no President Schwarzenegger, sorry).

Proof of his nationality in the form of an original birth certificate from the State of Hawaii was provided. Election day came and history was made.

Applause. Get ready for a new day. Move on.

But wait, not so fast there, buddy! Fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

Apparently there are people out there willing to indulge the fantasies of morons who contend that a birth certificate is not enough proof of citizenship by birth.

Seriously, people, what the fucking hell? Hello? Anyone in there?

Repeat after me: Birth. Certificate. From. The. State. Of. Hawaii.

How more “natural born” can you be than that, I wonder?

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