Assholes are, actually, all around us.

30 Jan

I should be off doing stuff-there’s a long list of stuff I ought to have done already, in fact. Instead, I’m here pondering the absolute assholeishness of humanity as a whole.

Why, you ask, did something particularly heinous happened to make you focus on this particular topic?

Not any one thing, really, it’s just the utter deluge of idiocy, narrow-mindedness and absolutely out of proportion overreacting that so many indulge in.

Let me give you a couple of recent examples:

Last week, Kerry Allen posted about a truly mind boggling (if you have any respect and common sense-two qualities sadly missing from the majority of the gene pool, as far as I’ve seen in my 43 years on this poor abused planet) article about censorship at an elderly residents community. While saddened by the story, my real shock came when I read this comment by Kimber An:

Well, you know, as long as the majority of the other reading residents are okay with this, the rest of the world ought to respect it. It’s really none of our business and nothing personal. Not everyone has the same standards as we do. We can love and respect each other anyway. 😉

As for the Women’s Shelter, I’m so glad they keep everything. I really think a good romance novel, graphic nookie and all, can go a long to boost a woman’s self-esteem and belief that she *deserves* kindness and respect and that *true love* doesn’t treat you like crap. 😀

Excuse me, but… wha….?

Then she clarifies:

If the majority of the seniors approve of the censorship, they are not oppressed and their choice is none of our business.

Respect- 1) To hold in high regard, to show courtesy and honor to, 2) To show consideration for, to avoid intruding upon. 😉

To repeat myself: wha…?

Well, then, I guess if the majority of people are all for killing off minorities, we should “respect” that-and not consider those soon-to-be-extinct minorities oppressed, right?

Larissa Ione blogged about a fifteen year old kid who, sometime a bit over a year ago, started a club for people who don’t want to curse, and how this kid is getting death threats-yes, you read right, death threats-for starting a club.

To be crystal clear, club = voluntary membership. Hello, idiots of the world! Which part of “voluntary” is so hard to understand? How does a kid-or a million people-deciding not to curse affect your or my ability to use the foulest language we can come up with every time we want to?

It doesn’t-and so I rest my case. People are, by and large, absolute assholes.

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