Spring, finally!

5 Apr

In this central Florida suburb, spring has finally sprung, and with it a number of creatures are coming out to play.

For example, after the first significant rain of the year a couple of days ago, we found this little visitor in the back yard:

My dog wasn’t quite sure what to make of it:


Then, after the third heavy rain this week, I opened the front door to see this:


(that’s a turkey vulture, folks–big bird)

So I looked around and found what it was eyeing with so much interest that it let me take pictures:


It’s not an alien–though with that face, it could certainly pass for one. It’s a Florida softshell turtle. It had crawled all the way from the little ravine on the side of my house to the fourth house in the row, away from shade and shelter, and completely exposed to predators such as that vulture.

Being soft hearted, I picked him up and took him back to the ravine, where–after jumping  a few times at my dog, and oh lord do I wish I knew how to take video with the digital camera, that was priceless! (you can see how quickly these reptiles can move here–he turned around and slid under cover again.

I’m such a sap I’m still smiling over it–and over the fact that my biologist eldest brother gets all green with envy, he who resides in Mexico City, whenever I share these kind of encounters with him.

[I’m the much spoiled erm abused youngest of five, of course I have to rag on the rest of them meanies, don’t I?]

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