What the hell is going on?

6 Apr

So it’s Sunday evening, after midnight, and I’m turning lights off, checking windows and doors, the usual, when I hear a car (an SUV it turns out) stop rather abruptly across from my house. And then the fighting starts–and by that I don’t mean yelling only, no. There was yelling, screeching, screaming and shouting, to be sure, but there was some physical contact.

More yelling, more screaming, then the couple take it inside. Their windows seem to be closed, yet I can hear them from across the street.

And I’m sitting here wondering whether I should call the cops or not.

Of course, people argue and fight, and for all I know the physical contact wasn’t violent. But if you have checked the news lately you’ll see that these days, more than ever, one cannot take these things in stride. It would seem that almost every day for weeks people all over the US are killing their loved ones and then themselves, or randomly attacking strangers.

I’m glad someone else did call the cops–who just left, about two hours later, with the guy in handcuffs. But the yelling and shouting? Continued for a good hour after they got here–all three of them, at short intervals.

Why did I hesitate, you ask? Because I know that in the end the person in handcuffs is going to know exactly who called the cops on his ass, and I live alone, and I don’t really want to feel any more paranoid about my neighbors than absolutely necessary, if you guys get my drift.

The thing is, I live in a nice neighborhood. Safe. There have been three daytime robberies–no violence, no one home–in the dozen years I’ve lived here.

Most of the time, it’s a quiet place, both during the week and on weekends. No wild, crazy parties, no loud music, etc. Families with young children,  a number of single women, older couples, a few college students; all friendly enough, quiet enough.

But things are changing, evidently.

This particular couple has had the cops over three times since they moved in, less than a year ago. Another couple just a few houses down from me, twice in the last year and a half. A woman, across from my house and half a dozen houses down? Three times in about two years–plus the county guy serving her with summons of some kind, twice.

This is the kind of change I really don’t like.

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