Hiding your book addiction

12 Apr

(This visual post is in honor of the wunnerful orannia, she of the  equally wunnerful Walkabout blog)

So you have a book addiction and have run out of space in the normal book venues (aka, the visible bookcases) like this:

or this :

So you start improvising, looking for less obvious places. Like, say, this (that’s a bed at the bottom of the image):

or perhaps, this (sitting on my son’s tab/desk):

But that’s not even close to enough! What to do? Well… how about the closet under the stairs?

And yet, it is still not enough! So you look around, and find a couple more spots, such as:

(This one held most of the TBR mountain range, but it was triple shelved–not good!) So we keep looking… and we discover that there is some unused space behind many doors, like this:

where did they go?

(please notice that very little money was spent on the ‘alternative’ shelving–I believe this is called ‘upcycling’ as most of the wood was left over from landscaping and such)


The original post at Karen Scott’s blog received one of my most favorite comments ever, courtesy of the lovely Kmont of Lurve à la Mode:

Sweet flapjacks of wonder! I’m plain in AWE. Should I bow? I feel like I ought to bow. Curtsy lowly at the very least?


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