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27 Apr

Want to win $100 in free books?

To help promote her upcoming release, CHAINS, author Shiloh Walker is doing a dash through some of the blogs in romanceland, leaving behind excerpts.  If you’d like to get entered to win a gift certificate for $100 (your choice from the online booksellers), all you have to do is visit the blogs, read the excerpts and leave a comment.  The excerpts are in order, just go on from here to each of the successive blogs!


An all new novel of erotic suspense

They weren’t friends. They weren’t enemies. The only thing the three girls had in common was the high school they went to in Madison, Ohio-until one tragic night. Now, fifteen years later, they’re returning home where passion-and danger-await…

Renee Lincoln was the homecoming queen-with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect life. After that horrible night, she rebelled the only way she knew how: by submitting to her wildest fantasies…

Tall, blonde, and athletic, Lacey Talbot was a golden girl with a bright future. She’s found success as a photographer, but no man has ever been able to satisfy her. No man but the bad boy she left behind…

Sherra Salinger has always looked like a princess out of some fairy tale. The books she writes, though, stem from the nightmare of that one night. And she shrinks from any man’s attention-especially the one stalking her…

They’re coming back to Madison-and it won’t be happy reunion. There are three men, all dangerous in a different way. And when each of them surrender their bodies to the heat, when they succumb to desire, they’ll find the safety they desperately need…


Excerpt (part one)

“Do you…”

Renee nodded.  The bruise was an ugly, dark shadow on her pretty face.  Her eyes glittered with fear.  Lacey knew just how she felt but she didn’t let her own fear keep her from reaching out and pushing the door open.

It took a few seconds for her brain to process what she was seeing.  Her body was already acting, though-as was her mouth.  “Leave her alone, JD.  Now.”

He snarled at her.  “Get the fuck out, bitch.  Unless you wanna join the party.”

The look he gave her had Lacey’s skin crawling, but she’d be damned if she walked away.  Instinct had her screaming Deacon’s name.  The same instinct had her kicking JD’s unprotected side-hard.  He was crouched atop Sherra’s pinned, struggling body and he swore, swung out with an arm but Lacey evaded the blow easily.  Boyd was crouched on the floor, holding Sherra’s wrists so tight, his knuckles had gone white.  Like the idiot he was, he stared at Lacey with dumb, uncomprehending eyes.

Something caught her eye and she turned her head just in time to get a full, unobstructed view as Renee brought a heavy lamp down on JD’s head.  His body went limp, collapsing onto of Sherra’s and pinning her to the floor.

She glared at Boyd.  “Get off of her.”

Boyd just sat there, staring at her while he held Sherra’s wrists pinned to the floor-staring at Lacey like he couldn’t figure out what the problem was.

The sound of Deacon’s voice was a welcome relief.

“Move.  Now.”

As Boyd went to do just that, Deacon glanced at her.  “Call the cops.”

Digging out her phone, she said, “I’d love to.”

“What the hell for?” Boyd asked.  His forehead was wrinkled and the guy looked utterly confused.  “The little slut was looking to party.”

Deacon moved, striking with a speed that left Lacey’s head spinning as he lashed out and caught Boyd in the jaw.

Lacey flinched instinctively as she punched in 9-1-1.  Dispatch came on the line but Lacey didn’t have a chance to say anything more than “We-”  Before she could manage even more than one word, too many things happened.  JD surged to his feet, rushing her.  He tore the phone away and tried to backhand her.  Instinct kicked in and Lacey threw up her forearm, blocking the blow.  It was a hell of a lot harder than the practices punches she blocked in her taekwondo classes at the Y.  Pain flared but she gritted her teeth, ignored it and struck, pulling fingers back so that when she hit JD in the nose, it was with the palm of her hand.  The palm-heel strike hit him hard and she heard bone crunch, saw the blood spray, splattering on her shirt.

“Stupid bitch,” JD howled, stumbling away.

Lacey knelt to grab her phone from the floor.  Boyd moved towards her.  She dodged away, saw Deacon moving towards them.  Heard Renee’s voice, panicked and harsh.

She heard the word, Gun and her mind went blank.  Gun?

Dumb, dazed, she turned her head and watched as Boyd knelt down to pick a gun up from the floor.  Where had that come from?  She didn’t remember seeing it…Deacon had JD on the floor, pinned down.

Off to her left, she saw somebody moving.  Sherra.  She held something-

Then there was blood.

A lot of it.

Hot and metallic, the scent of it flooded the air.  It was quiet in the library now, saves for the harsh sounds of breathing.

Nobody said a word.

Nobody made a sound.

They just stood there, staring at the jagged piece of the broken lamp Sherra had grabbed from the ground.  Blood dripped from the tip to the floor and as Lacey stared at it, the puddle of blood grew larger and larger.





Visit The Good, The Bad and The Unread for the next excerpt. You can also visit Shiloh’s blog for details-the blog will be updated to include the live links for each of the participating blogs.

Disclaimer:  Only one entry per household.  Open to everybody, as long as the author is able to purchase/email you a gift certificate for one of the major online booksellers-Amazon, BN.com, Borders, Powell’s, etc.    Winner’s name to be posted on Shiloh’s  blog-author  will ATTEMPT to notify the winner via email, but cannot  be held accountable if her email bounces back- please make sure you enter the correct email and that you add Shiloh to your addy book to prevent problems. Void where prohibited.  Please do not post to sweepstakes sites-the author reserves the right to end the contest at anytime, and likely will end it early if the contest ends up posted to sweepstakes sites.

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