“Shifter’s Lady” by Alyssa Day

16 Jun

Shifter anthology

As implied by the title, this 2008 anthology by Berkley contains stories centered on shapeshifters, with each author giving these paranormal beings their own unique spin. I grabbed this book while glomming the Warriors of Poseidon series and, I have to say, I have had GREAT luck with anthologies lately. Way better than the usual for me, for sure: four stories, three read, three enjoyed.

The (much hated) back cover blurb:

Something happens when the beast within is teased and tempted. Something dangerous. Something inescapable. Something so irresistible no woman would want to run from it.

Whether transforming beneath a cool blue moon, prowling the night streets with feline grace and bloodred talons, or panting with pleasure, the shifters come alive to fulfill your wildest fantasies…


“Shifter’s Lady”, by Alyssa Day

Set shortly after the events at the end of Atlantis Awakening, “Shifter’s Lady” is the fourth story in Ms Day’s Warriors of Poseidon series. It centers mostly on the culture and mores of the panther shifters of Florida, which were introduced in the previous short story, “Wild Hearts in Atlantis” (Wild Thing anthology, Berkley).

Marie, First Maiden of the healing Temple of the Nereids, leaves Atlantis for the first time in her life, to visit her brother, Bastien, and his new mate, Kat Fiero. Of course, best laid plans and all that-Bastien is called to help in the search for Lord Justice, leaving Kat and Marie to get to know each other without him.

However, things are not so peachy among the panthers these days-something has been killing both full cats and shifters in the past few weeks. Ethan, the pride’s Alpha, already has his hands full investigating these killings, and now he must assume responsibility for the safety and well-being of this Atlantean maiden.

Add some high octane sexual awareness between these two oh-so-different beings and… potential for international incidents, anyone?

I must say (and this may count as somewhat spoilerish) that the ending breaks a couple of my “romance genre” rules, but it fits both characters-in personality and circumstances. A different ending might have been more… satisfiying? in terms of this couple, but it would have broken all sorts of internal world building rules.

Obviously, a nice side effect is that now I’m looking forward to seeing more on how Ethan and Marie’s relationship works as the overarching plot threads develop in future installments.

7 out of 10


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