Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition: kudos and a rant

18 Jan

Seven women skied their way from the coast of Antarctica to the geographical South Pole in 38 days. No guide, no strong man (or dogs) to carry or drag their supplies. Seven women.

Three of the seven where the first person from their country to reach the South Pole,  and two more were the first women from their country. Only the two Brits (one of whom was a last minute replacement for the Ghanaian woman who, sadly, contracted malaria shortly before the date set for the expedition) come from a country where women have accomplished such a feat repeatedly.

From their website:

Marking the 60th aniversary of the Commonwealth, the expedition aims to demonstrate the potential of greater intercultural understanding and exchange, while at the same time highlighting the achievements of women across the world.

So first and foremost: kudos to each and everyone of these women, for braving the gauntlet and succeeding so brilliantly in their mission.

*     *     *

Now… the rant.

Had any of you had heard about this before this weekend? I hadn’t. Not a peep.

These women have been training for months, and it took them over a month of skying to reach their goal. This project is not a sudden whim for any of them–between the risks taken, the time commitment, the energy spent, this is a major undertaking.

And if I may ask, what press coverage was there?

Until this weekend, when they had a segment in the Today’s Show that I could watch online, I had no clue whatsoever this was going on. No fanfare, no press release, not. a. peep.

Wanna bet that if it had been the first seven (or five) men from any group of nations there would have been more coverage?

Double standards, we haz ’em

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