Because some things just BEG to be shared

24 Jan

As some of you may remember, I recently opened an Etsy store…

[shameless plug]

[/shameless plug]


Erm… Yes. Anyway…

Naturally, I spend a bit of time over there, drooling over many wondrous and wonderful things. It was during one of these ah… periods of contemplation, that I discovered an amazing store…

Be warned that you are likely to spend a long time there, and as likely to come back repeatedly to admire the stock. Don’t blame me for the time suck, okay?

The store name is abitabite and below is an example of her stock. (NSFW)



Oh, you mean perhaps I should have told you that the full name of the store is

Home of The Prick Cushion : Penises & Vagina Time!


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