Still suffering from conference brain…

3 Aug

which means I won’t post anything coherent about RWA until Wednesday.

In the meantime, though, here’s the newest addition to chez Aztec:

Kitten 1

Got kitten!

This utterly comical ball of fluffy fur (and he’s a ball, his stomach feels like a really tight drum skin) was found a week ago by a co-worker.

Next to the median in a very very busy road.

The rescue included some heroics and some drama (I hear rumors of an eight car pile-up, as a matter of fact), but the baby came home unscathed—and an orphan.

He’s just about six weeks old (as of Sunday) and has yet to be named. Considering I already have a Shadow (a shiny black cat weighing more than 18lbs), do you have any suggestions for our new baby?

Please note that although he’s mostly black, he has three white spots (one in his neck, the second high on his chest between his front legs and the last one low on his belly near the tail) rather like clown buttons.

* * *

(once again, please forgive the crappy picture–technology ain’t my friend)

6 Responses to “Still suffering from conference brain…”

  1. Julaine 11/01/2015 at 10:34 AM #

    I just picked up my new Blue point Himalayan kitten from the breeder on Friday evening. She’s 2 weeks older than you precious. I named her Heywood’s Isla Blue. (Yes it is a multilevel pun.). Heywood’s a great name for either a black or grey kitty and it’s really more of a boy’s name so Isla will just have it listed on the official restoration papers.

    Background on Heywood. In 1546 John Heywood published a book of sayings. One of them is the origin of the phrase “All cats are grey in the dark.” Very cynical man, was Mr. Heywood. Your little guy has already survived a lot and has come out the other side to land a cushy life, I’m sure. I bet he could really live up to that name.

    Just don’t name him Smoky, Blackie or Spot. On the other hand Nicodemus is always a good name for a black cat.

    • azteclady 11/01/2015 at 2:09 PM #

      Oh my, Julaine, my apologies–this is a very old post I’m migrating over from Karen Scott’s blog.

      Huge congratulations on you kitty–I like Isla for a cat, a lot. Mine ended up being Pounce de León–and he still does, all the time. He also did turn out to be huge, and just a little on the heavy side.


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