And the unthinkable happened (aka: about this place)

3 Jan

For the longest time I have shied away from even thinking about having my own blog. I believe I made statements similar to, “Over my dead body!” on the topic.

Obviously, as I’m typing, I’m not dead–and so the unthinkable did happen.

This blog, as I start it, is mostly meant as a catch all for things that interest me.

There will be posts for knitting or crafting projects–not only things I make for my Etsy store but items sold directly via word of mouth, email requests, etc. Perhaps, if I ever become confident and proficient enough with camera and software (and conceited enough about what I make), there could be tutorials for crafty things.

And of course, opinion pieces and ponderings and ramblings on everything and anything that catches my eye.

* * *

For my book reviews, my main source is Karen Scott’s blog–many of those reviews were cross-posted to a couple other places shorty after their original publication, but again, her blog would be the original source. I will note, in my book reviews page, those occasions where the review was posted elsewhere first.

5 Responses to “And the unthinkable happened (aka: about this place)”


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