What have I done?

10 Jan

So I’ve officially gone insane(r).

Not only did I cave in and start my own blog (seriously, what was I thinking?*) but now I’ve gone and officially declared my participation in a few reader challenges.

Yeah, in all my copious free time…

Anyway, off the top of my head I know I’ve signed up for SuperLibrarian Wendy’s TBR Challenge 2012 (first review due in ten days and I haven’t even decided on a book yet–quietly panicking!). Then there’s the eternal In Death Reading Challenge by the lovely Christine at The Happily Ever After. And the 2012 Big Book Challenge by the awesome orannia at her Walkabout.

I am determined to get my reading and reviewing mojo back–I’m reader, hear me roar!

Alas, that’s not enough insanity for lil ole me–no, indeedy!

From now on, I intend to make crafting a priority.

Beyond all the knitting I’m currently doing, my goal is to post pictures of all the completed projects (past and present, thank you so very much), as well as projects-in-progress posts when I can (read: when I remember to take the pictures).

And by projects, I don’t mean just knitting or card making–I have some stuff in the works that, if it turns out well, will make it to my Etsy store soon.

It’s not art every day, but hey, a person has to start somewhere, right?

Wish me luck? *begging puppy eyes*


*As I explained here, most of the original content at Her Hands, My Hands will be craft related. Reviews will be first published at Karen’s blog and later cross-posted here. As for opinion pieces…I haven’t really made up my mind yet, so we’ll leave that one open for the nonce.

3 Responses to “What have I done?”

  1. SuperWendy 10/01/2012 at 8:46 PM #

    But, but, but….January’s theme is category romance! So a “little” book! And my challenge is low-stress 🙂 If you have to skip a month, the Super Librarian will not show up on your doorstep brandishing a torch and pitchfork…..

    • azteclady 10/01/2012 at 8:52 PM #

      (Perhaps you should–as incentive, it’s probably surefire 😉 )

      Yeah, I think I have just the book for January. Now, to read it (and review it)


  1. Pocket Journal for Lauren (May 2011) « Her Hands, My Hands - 11/01/2012

    […] through on yesterday’s post, here is the first photo blog on finished craft […]

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