Pocket Journal for Lauren (May 2011)

11 Jan

Beware: what follows is an extremely image-heavy post.

Following through on yesterday’s post, here is the first photo blog on finished craft projects.

Pocket Journal for Lauren - May 2011

Earlier last year I discovered that YouTube is full of tutorials on book binding. From very simple Japanese stitching to professional book binding–and everything in between. This pretty little journal, made for a co-worker who moved to Australia to study medicine, is one of my first efforts at Coptic stitch binding.

It all started with some box carboard

I often keep empty boxes (mostly from things ordered online) around, with the vague idea that someday I’ll do something useful with them. So I cut a piece out of one of them.

I stitched the first signature directly onto the cardboard. I think that, for a first effort, it came out quite well, wouldn’t you say?

Coptic Stitching - I haz it!

And, because I really like it, here’s the overhead view 😀

See the front cover flap?

I love the fact that the Coptic stitch allows the bound book to lie flat at all points–and this way, the cardboard spine and front cover provide a firm surface for writing. Win-win!

Extended front cover

You can see that I used a combination of some pretty pattern paper and plain thick writing paper.

At this point I needed to find something suitable to cover the cardboard. Since I also hoard keep around bits and pieces of fabric, including those fabric samplers from furniture stores that no one ever knows what to do with, it didn’t take long to find something suitable.

Some free hand stitching later…

Then to find something to close the journal with…

Closure - upcycling hairbands

Again, not difficult–I still have oodles and piles and heaps of hair things that my daughter left behind when she left for college.

Found pretty - on the parking lot, natch!

Added a pretty dangling butterfly–which I had found on the parking lot at work.

And voilà! A pretty pocket journal in a couple of hours.

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