Striped fuzzy scarf for Ann (July 2009)

13 Jan

Extreme close up - blue and white striped fuzzy scarf
Back in late April 2009, author Ann Aguirre spend a couple of days over chez aztec while attending the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando. By then we had already been friendly online for over a year, and I was officially her virtual assistance, so meeting in person was most excellent and oh so much fun!

Fast forward a couple of months. During a chat with Ann she mentioned that no one had ever made her something, from scratch, just for her. Obviously, I jumped on the chance to do something tangible, just for her, to thank her for her many and varied kindnesses toward me.

(Beware: another image-heavy post, though less so than the previous one)

Ann told me that she likes stripes and the colors blue and white, so I grabbed these:
Fuzzy yarn made in Turkey

And started knitting–and kept knitting until I had this:
Fuzzy white and blue stripes scarf and circular needes

Then it was a matter of weaving in (and securing) yarn ends, until it looked like this:

People who knit will tell you that this is, indeed, a very simple project. Other than a few garter stitches on both long sides and a ladder of purls running along the middle (if you click on the image above, you can see thist on the stretch of scarf that runs diagonally on the bottom left side of the image), it has no special stitches or flourishes.

This was a conscious choice on my part, for two reasons: one, I wanted to finish this really quickly so I could send it to Ann (along with another project, about which I’ll post soon). Second, the texture of the yarn is more than enough to give the scarf interest. It’s soft, it’s stretchy, it’s fuzzy and oh so bright and cheerful!

Here’s hoping Ann is still enjoying it when it’s cold down in Mexico.

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