Lolokina: the amazing, lovely art of Mariam Saakashvili

24 Jan

Augusta, by Mariam Saakashvili

A while back I created an Etsy treasury based on the idea of paper art. Sadly, I didn’t think to preserve a copy of it as it was, and now it’s dwindled (expired listings disappear–and so do some sold ones, without rhyme or reason that I can find).

Ah well, live and learn.

Among the items I originally listed was the dress posted at the top. The description said that it was created using only candy wrappers and glue. At the time, it was the only item listed at lolokina, the artist’s Etsy store. Today I took another look at the treasure and, finding it gone, tracked back the store. To my consternation, I found that the store is empty!

Thankfully, I found links to her Flickr account and to her blog in the owner’s profile.

The former is an amazing, amazing collection of brilliant colors and lovely combinations. I have been looking at these wonderful dresses for at least an hour, and can’t find a favorite. The closest–at least at the time of preparing this post 😛 –is this one:

Marine, by Mariam Saakashvili

Thank you, Ms Saakashvili, for sharing your beautiful work with us.



(Images are under copyrighted to the artist and are only posted her to share and promote her amazing work)

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