Occasionally the stupid overcomes.

25 Jan

So I have been taking pictures of whatever projects I complete, as soon as I complete them, because past experience has shown me that otherwise I’ll forget.

The I sell them or give them away and that’s that, no evidence.

Which sucks in several different ways and degrees.

Recently I have been trying to download the images of a custom order from Etsy–the buyer is amazingly patient, by the way–and what did I do? (after a week of pulling my hair out, too)

I deleted ALL the images in the memory card.

Mittens, hats, two other scarves, a second (really nice too) pair of mittens. Gone.


Just shoot me, please.


(On the not-so-sad side, I can retake the pictures of the scarf in question. It’s just everybloodything else that’s gone)



One Response to “Occasionally the stupid overcomes.”


  1. Flowers! « Her Hands, My Hands - 31/01/2012

    […] A couple of weeks ago, through CraftGossip, I found Shawkl, the online house of one Kathy L. Shaw, and entered a book giveaway there. Amazingly, I won one of the books offered–here it is, in all its beauty (never mind the crappy photograph, this is me operating the camera, remember?) […]

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