Mittens for D, from S (December 2011)

31 Jan

Late in November an online friend contacted me via email, to ask if I would be willing to knit some mittens as a present for a friend of hers. Sure, I said, of course! (never mind that I had never actually knit any mittens). But hey, how difficult could it be, right?

Handknit burgundy mittens before string

(Yes, one more image heavy post ahead)

Obviously, I’m a lucky so-and-so, because in the end it wasn’t that terribly difficult. I found a number of patterns online and, after a few false starts and some unraveling, here’s the end result:

Of course, I also forgot to take pictures of the finished product, with the string that ties them–but I hope you gentle readers will believe me when I tell you that it was pretty nifty (a double crochet chain, sturdy and elegant in its simplicity).

Best of all was the email I got from the buyer: “She loves the gloves!”

What else is there to say, right? 😀


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