Teenie Tiny Mini Journal / Album

6 Feb

(aka, the first time I’ve ever been accused of taking ‘too good’ pictures 😀 )

This little thing was inspired by several YouTube videos–and many crafters and scrapbooking folk are familiar with the concept. From what I’ve seen, the most common uses are little ‘flip books’ within a scrapbook page layout, and the starting paper size tends to be 12″ x 12″.

I, not knowing better, started with a regular letter size paper, and this teenie mini is the result. (Dimensions: covers 2” by 2 1/16”, pages 1⅞” by 1⅞” and the tags 1¾” by 1¾”)

There is very little (read: none) decoration in the inside pages or tags–the recipient is free to do with it as s/he pleases.

I used the ⅛” wide ribbon both as closure and to make the binding sturdier by running it across both covers.The pages/pockets are made out of decorative scrapbook paper, while the little square tags are cut out from color cardstock, with the edges inked a bit.

The covers were made from two small pieces of cardboard covered with security envelope paper, which was inked. The little face clock in the front (the same stamp used in this project) is attached with a small brad to its background, so it rotates. The little charm on the spine came from…well, I don’t remember exactly, but a safe bet would be, from one of the many bits and pieces of shiny stuff my daughter left behind.

(I’m very happy right now–preparing this post inspired me to make a few more of these for my Etsy store as soon as I can)

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