Random hat for Awilda (November 2011)

20 Feb

Awilda's hat from above

I love knitting. It’s at once relaxing and challenging for me. Relaxing because, by it’s very nature, knitting is repetitive. You knit, you purl. You may throw in yarn over or knit two together, hold stitches in front or back for cables or what not, but in the end, you knit and you purl.

It’s challenging because with every piece I knit I discover something new. I mean, I’ve been knitting some years now (you don’t need to know how old I am, do you?) yet it was only a handful of months ago that I knit my first pair of mittens. I only learned to knit in the round a couple of years ago, and I have yet to knit with double pointed needles (still working to build up my nerve to go there…).

Since I enjoy knitting so much, it’s natural that I love finding new patterns. A while back I found a pattern for a hat with a diamond motif. The hat is knit in the round and the theory is that, by following the instructions (and/or chart) you will have a series of interconnected diamonds from the edge of the rim to the crown of the hat, where they sort of become a star as you work the decreases.

After knitting, unraveling, knitting, unraveling, knitting, unraveling, knitting, unraveling (I may have left out a couple of iterations, there), I finally gave up, and knit this instead, directly from my head:

If you look closely at the second image, you’ll see that I worked in twisted stockinette stitch. This made the fabric more dense, and hence, much more warm than it would otherwise be. It also makes the hat as a whole stretchier, so that it fits closely to the wearer’s head but it’s not tight or uncomfortable.

I like it–most importantly, so does she.


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