This, that–and a rant.

14 Mar

I’ve fallen behind with reviewing–again–and I’m not even sure I will be anywhere on time with the TBR book this month–again.


Life is not so much complicated as full (and exhausting) right now. Truth is, I don’t see that changing anytime soon (probably ever) so what I need to do is adapt better to what is, instead of waiting for change.

In the news portion of today’s update, I have yet another litter of kittens (born literally in the past 20 hours). It’s going to be wrenching to take them to animal control, mostly because it’s not a ‘no kill’ shelter, but I can’t afford to keep them, I can’t afford to neuter/spay all five of them, I can’t afford to pay the fees no kill shelters ask for, and can’t risk future litters either. Mom will be spayed as soon as I can scrape together the funds and that, I hope, will be that.

The rant today is nebulous because it’s caused by a number of things at once, though all relate to the fact that women are second class citizens everywhere.

Our fiction is casually dismissed, if not derided. A summary of that suddenly popular fanfiction story, 50 Shades of Grey, seems amazed that the text is “littered with contemporary references to Apple computers, personal trainers”–because obviously stories written by women should not be set in the real world those women live in. There are so many what the fuck moments in that article, it’s difficult to grab just one.

(Not the least of which is the outrage over having an article about a mainly female genre on the hallowed, until-very-recently-only-boys-allowed virtual pages of the Wall Street Journal. Girl cooties!)

Our intelligence and very sanity are often questioned, and comments about the need to protect us from our weaknesses never fail to be made.

It probably seems like a trivial thing to be upset about, but to me it’s a symptom of a general trend–witness the Komen funding scandal and the current contraception snafu between Texas and the Feds (aka, asshole Limbaugh’s misogyny) . Are individual women making decisions about their own bodies, their health, their future? Hell, no. Don’t worry your lil heads none, leave that to the menfolk.

Fuck that.


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