Life truly is what we make of it.

23 Mar

I don’t consider myself a particularly cheerful person, and I’m definitely not wise. What I am, is a firm believer in the fact that people make their own heaven or hell out of their own lives.

It is true, as my mother is so fond of reminding me, that we cannot control many things that happen to us. It is equally true, as I am fond of responding, that we can control how we feel about those things and about the consequences of the same. Those choices are what make our lives what they actually are.

I turned 46 just yesterday, and while I am not, in any way, shape or form, living the life of my dreams, I’m blessed in many–oh let me count them!–ways. I think what keeps me sane is being aware of those blessings, even when some of them chafe a little.

Here’s raising my cup of juice–to yet another beginning. May I make the most of it.


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