What a voice!

31 Mar

As I said elsewhere, I’m wondering if Simon had ever stood up to applaud any performer in one of these shows, ever before. ETA: and he not only stands up, he’s the first of the judges to do so. Say what you will, but Simon appreciates true talent.

And I confess that I totally agree with him–Charlotte is nowhere near Jonathan in talent, and I believe she knows it. Whether or not she’ll have the courage to push Jonathan to pursue his dream alone or not, that’s something for the future–though her last words make me think she will be woman enough to do this for him, just as she has been such a good friend for him so far.

But oh my dear lord, what a privilege to hear this! and to see how the judges’ reaction (particularly Simon’s) gave Jonathan such a confidence boost. His response to Simon “we came here as a duo, we’ll stay as a duo” were every bit as powerful as his singing.

May both Jonathan’s and Charlotte’s dreams come true.

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