Yes, he’s an asshole, but what were *they* thinking?

20 May

A Tennessee man is asking for government aid–to pay child support to the eleven (11) mothers of his thirty (30) children.

Your mind boggled yet?

I see people crying that he must be stopped–no argument here–but what about the women?

Seriously, what the fuck could they have been thinking? If my math holds, he’s impregnated each one of these women at least twice in the last fifteen years. He’s been taken to court once before by the mothers of his (then) twenty one (21) children, who claimed they didn’t get child support from him, and then managed to beget nine (9) more kids in a mere three (3) years.

Can we believe any of them doesn’t know about at least a few of the other women? No, no we can’t. Which, again, begs the question of how the fuck could they let him come within a mile of their baby making parts.

Which they do, if four babies the same year (twice) are any indication.

I repeat–what the fuck were they thinking?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here comes the whole, women are women’s worst enemies–and I agree.

Some readers will go, “Don’t be so hard on the mothers! Why are you so mean to them? They are suffering enough as it is, getting so little in child support for those kids” and so on and so forth. Me, I’m thinking that I want to expect more from women. (And, is any of those mothers thinking of the kids they already have, when having more children with this walking dickhole?)

I want women to be smart enough to say to doucheassholes like this one, “fuck yourself, git, no way are you touching me” instead of seeing things like this in the news.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Tangent: remember the movie Internal Affairs (1990)? Richard Gere’s character has something like 9 or 11 children with three or four women. He has married and then divorced all of the women, provides more than enough financial support to both his ex-wives and all his children, and–to top the cake of *cough* awesome–he’s a very involved parent. And every time I’ve watched that movie I ask myself what could the ex-wives have been thinking, scoffing at the exaggeration of every “stupid woman” cliché in the book.

Yeah, seems so tame now, doesn’t it?


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