No, plagiarism doesn’t just “happen”

22 May

Back when the shitstorm surrounding Kristi Diehm, plagiarist, aka The Story Siren¹, broke out, I posted about apologies, and how I think it’s useless to expect–or indeed to receive–an apology from a plagiarist. Like many other offenders, said apologies tend to be of the “fuck, I’m sorry I got caught” variety. Or, much worse, they include so many excuses, explanations, rationalizations and justifications that in the end, to many an uncritical follower/fan, they read like a justification to hate on the victims of the plagiarist.

Well, that queen of chutzpah, Kristi Diehm, is at it again. The short hand for those who don’t go to the SmartBitches: apparently this plagiarist, who has still to apologize properly (as in, without excuses) to her victims, and who has failed to address her fans outright hounding of said victims, has decided to organize a week long event on plagiarism, designed to ‘educate herself’ (yeah, because that very pointed post she wrote on the topic, after allegedly being plagiarized herself, shows that she reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelly didn’t know what the fuck she was doing when she stole Beautifully Invisible and Grit and Glamour. Right.)

Anywho, Kristi Diehm, plagiarist, seems to be just that clueless and stupid.

She invited YA author Sarah Cross to write a guest post to kick of the week, but ‘forgot’ to post any sort of introduction to the event or, indeed, Ms Cross’s post. When called on it, an introductory post appeared, which reads in part:

How did it happen? I’m not really sure I realized I’d crossed the line I’d been so adamant against, but I did. I suppose it happened because there was something I wanted to say, and I couldn’t find the right words to say it. I was asked a question about a blogging topic and went in search of inspiration. I came across a couple of posts that seemed like I could have written them myself — they expressed exactly what I wanted to, in the way that I wanted to. I wanted to make it relevant to book bloggers. I knew I couldn’t use their words — not exactly as written — so I added words of my own and subtracted a few of theirs. In my mind, I had done enough to make it mine; it was my voice. But I was wrong. I screwed up.

Are you seeing red yet?

I am.

Plagiarism is not like shit: it’s not unavoidable if you are alive, and it doesn’t just ‘happen.’

It’s a fucking deliberate, conscious decision to steal. It’s not kleptomania of the mind. It’s not a compulsion. It. Doesn’t. Fucking. Happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh and in case it gets moderated or deleted, I posted this comment to the plagiarist blog, on the post ‘introducing’ the week on plagiarism:

Are you going to address your fans actions regarding your victims?

Are you ever going to tell them that YOU willfully and cold-bloodedly stole Beautifully Invisible and Grit and Glamour’s content?

Are you ever going to admit that you knew exactly what you were doing–given that you wrote that very pointed post on plagiarism that you then deleted?

Are you ever going to tell your followers and fans that attacking the victims while trying to support you is even lower than your own despicable actions?

Or is this just another strategic move to garner sympathy without admitting your own deliberate malfeasance?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

¹ I am not linking to the plagiarist’s blog. Not giving her hits. You are curious, go to the SmartBitches for the link, or do a simple search.

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