Well, that was…not as interesting as I had hoped.

26 Jun

Thanks to Dear Author, I was introduced last week to the awesomesauce that is Popehat.

Following the announcement there, tonight I listened to a webinar on the First Amendment, hosted by the Franklin Center.

Now, from reading Popehat almost obsessively this past week, I know who the Aaron Walker in the program is–I have no idea who the other three in the program are. But then, that was why I was listening in tonight, to learn.

For his part, Ken said that he looked forward to “a robust discussion of the legal and practical threats to bloggers’ freedom of expression.”

Perhaps that discussion was lost in translation, but I for one was a little disappointed.

First, there was a lot of rambling and repetition by the guy who was (sorta?) leading this thing, and second, the only one who–from where I sit–had prepared what he was going to talk about was Ken/Popehat¹. He gave out links and outlined strategies for Suzie Q Public to help uphold the right to US citizens’ right to free speech.

So it wasn’t a total loss of an hour, but I learn more (and in a much more entertaining fashion) by reading Popehat and following the links there for that same length of time.


¹ I wonder what he’ll have to say about this tomorrow 😀


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