Going, going…gone!

30 Jun

Being lazy and cheap erm frugal, I leave my hair alone for long periods of time and then, once it’s long enough, I chop it all off and send it to Locks of Love.

My hair grows fairly rapidly–usually it’ll grow about 16 inches in about two and a half years. This time I only managed to grow about fourteen (I guess this is something else that gets screwed as you age–or perhaps the culprit is the poorer-than-usual diet, I don’t know). But today I finally had enough and got it cut off during my break–I now have about half an inch of hair over 3/4 of my head, with something like an inch on top.

I have done this some five (or perhaps it’s six?) times since I moved to Florida, and I plan to continue doing it for as long as I can. My daughter, she of the lovely, lovely essay, has done it twice–perhaps she’ll do it again some time in the future.


Donating my hair makes me feel good–someone out there is benefiting from my absolute laziness.

One very entertaining aspect of donating my hair is having to reassure the hairdresser–several times and in different ways–that yes, indeed, I am cutting it all off, and no, really, I don’t give a shit how it looks. I want something that I can wash, towel off and forget about (which is exactly what I do when it’s long).

The responses to these statements are often met with incredulity (“Yeah, you say that now, but I don’t want you to get upset once it’s really short”) and occasionally with truly ah…well, let’s say quaint reactions (“Does your husband/significant other know you are doing this?) (I’ll spare you my reaction to this one–enough to say it was epic in both volume and scope)

It’s not that I am not vain, it’s just that I’m not vain about my appearance. I don’t think I’m a troll, I don’t think I’ve ever been anything other than attractive on a good day, but neither hair nor makeup are going to make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear. (Never mind that I really never feel like spending so much money and/or effort on my appearance–I’m intelligent and sane enough, and that’s far more important to me. Plus, lazy.)

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