Ah, what tangled webs! Stupid and vindictive against the might of the internet.

2 Jul

Well, the convoluted tale of stupidity continues.

Charles Carreon amended his suit against Matthew Inman, IndieGoGo, the Wildlife Federation Foundation and the American Cancer Association, apparently to try and make the suit relevant in some way by…making California’s Attorney General a plaintiff defendant in it?


Apparently Mr Carreon, a self-styled internet-savvy attorney, wasn’t very familiar with the Streisand Effect. Up until now, that is–what with ArsTechnica, Boing Boing, Popehat, The Legal Satyricon, Lowering the Bar, and a number of other blogs picking up the story, anyone with even a passing interest in Free Speech has by now at the very least heard about the suit.

We can consider Mr Carreon educated on the workings of the internet now–a day late and a few dollars short, if you ask me.


Not deterred (or perhaps spurred) by the amazing success of the BearLove Good, Cancer Bad campaign in the face of his shenanigans, Charles Carreon filed for temporary restraining order, so that IndieGoGo couldn’t disburse the monies raised to Matthew Inman. Except, maybe, if IndieGoGo did what Carreon wanted without delay, then he (Carreon) would drop the matter.

I repeat: Huh?

(I know, right?)


Perhaps you are one of the few who don’t know that, a few days ago, the Electronic Frontier Foundation joined Matthew Inman’s defense team. They have issued a truly awesome release here¹.

For your entertainment, choice tidbits that tickled me:

Carreon’s claim runs contrary to the Constitution. ... Sorry, Charlie, the First Amendment protects Inman’s right to challenge your legal threat.

Carreon is wrong on the law. No, Inman is not a commercial fundraiser and not required to register, and he certainly did not falsely advertise to anyone that he was registered.

Ten bucks may help bears and fight cancer, but it doesn’t give Carreon control of the funds.  The night before Carreon filed suit, he donated $10 to Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad, claiming this gave him standing to stop the distributiuon of the money, and keep Inman from taking the photo of cash. The law does not permit this.

What, do you suppose, will happen now?


In the meantime, you can still tell Charles Carreon and other censorious douchebags to fuck off, by contributing to Ann Branson’s fundraising efforts:
(Remember, this one closes at midnight, Pacific time, on July 6th)


¹ Full document here–and I’m with many a Popehat commenter: I’ve never found a legal document as entertaining as this one–talk about butt hurt, ouch!

For an easily digestible summary of the shenanigating (than kyou,  Courtney Milan), visit Adam Steinbaugh’s blog, or read Popehat’s posts on the topic (allot a few days for the latter–the comment threads are amazingly entertaining and just as long).

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