Heartsick, yet hopeful: Rachel’s wish

20 Jul

I won’t comment on the Colorado shooting–you can see that splattered all over the news and you can speculate elsewhere about what, why, how.

Instead I’m talking about a nine year old girl who was able–and willing–to see that she was lucky and blessed and privileged, and wanted to share all of those with others who weren’t as fortunate. Shy of her ninth birthday she encouraged people to donate to charity: water in her name, in lieu of giving her presents.

Just weeks after her birthday, she died as a result of a car accident–and now, a year later, the donations in her name keep coming. More than 1.2 million dollars have so far been donated to, and used by, charity: water to bring clean, drinking water to poor families in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in the world, and one often affected by crippling droughts.

Thank you, Rachel Beckwith. You have blessed many, both while you shared this planet with us, and after you left us.

~~~ * ~~~

There are many, many types of worthy causes, and many reasons to contribute to them. Let’s keep at it, people.

Let’s bring light.

~~~ * ~~~

The image in this post comes from Rachel Beckwith’s profile page at charity: water. No copyright infringement intended. If you own the copyright and object to the use of the image here, please contact me and it will be removed immediately. Thank you.

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