When we question gun laws in the US…

30 Jul

at least some of us are concerned about incidents like these:

  • A cop kills his son by mistake.
  • Cops knock on the wrong door and kill an innocent man, who happened to be exercising his right to bear arms in his own residence–and the official position on this is, “you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or police office, you’re going to get shot” (never mind that is the middle of the night and the cops never identified themselves)
  • Cops kill an unarmed man in Anaheim.
  • A 4 year old boy is killed when two men start firing at each other–in a freaking playground.
  • A man with a gun is spotted in the University of Connecticut.
  • Another man, armed to the teeth, who claimed to be on his way to shoot an ex employee.
  • Attempted robbery at gunpoint, at a bus stop. One man shot in the neck.
  • Father and son fight escalates, out come the bat–and the gun.
  • Armed man at large, two officers wounded and a police dog shot dead.
  • Not far from this shooting, another man takes aim at a cop and his police dog.

~~~ * ~~~

And, in the wake of the Aurora shooting, many other residents of the US are decrying gun laws.

Some of us have been pondering the madness of just how easy it is for everyone to get his/her hands on a gun for much longer. Hardly a day goes by without at least one local news items about a shooting like those listed above–I don’t even want to speculate how many of these occur nationwide on a daily basis.

After all, the Second Amendment granting the right to bear arms, was passed when war was conducted mostly face to face (1791). These days…not so much, and definitely not on US soil.


3 Responses to “When we question gun laws in the US…”

  1. Lori 30/07/2012 at 11:15 AM #

    Those gun rights are not as open and free-wheeling as people make them out to be. I can’t think of a single reason that most people need a gun in their home. And the ease in which people can get them is shocking.

    • azteclady 30/07/2012 at 11:45 PM #

      One of the arguments I see trotted out often in defense of current gun laws is that ‘the bad guys would get the guns anyway”–which I admit is true. But I wonder how many of the incidents I linked to above involve legally obtained guns–I’m going to guess that at least more than half of them.

      So while yes, criminals will get guns illegally, having so many guns floating around with so little control over them once they’ve been sold, it’s a scary thing.


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    […] I often bemoan the fact that I live in a country where everyone has ready and easy access to guns. […]

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