Really? The so-called “eat in” protest

3 Aug

Some of you may have noticed that as a result of protests over Chick-fil-A homophobic policies (as in, its president/owner/whatever decision to fund homophobic groups lobbying to deny equal rights to fellow human beings and US citizens because of his religious beliefs)…

Sorry, where was I?

Oh, yes.

So there was a big outcry in the media and even the mayor of Boston got involved and what-not.

Many bigoted hateful assholes, who also wish to deprive fellow human beings of their rights, along with many imbeciles who don’t really understand the difference between freedom of speech (Cathy can say whatever the fuck he wants) and trying to chance legislation in accordance to religious beliefs (which violates the separation of church and state, one of the basis upon which the US was structured to begin with–not that actual churches aren’t indulging, mind you).

Those people organized a so-called “eat in” at Chick-fil-As around the country, to support Cathy/free speech/anti-homosexual agendas.

The catch?

How many of those assholes bought Chick-fil-A crap and then went to other franchises to eat it.

No, I don’t kid you. You have no effing idea how many of these assholes came in, white bags with red logo and drinks in hand, to sit at out tables. Four hours. Using the free WiFi and depriving paying customers of seats and tables.

So not only are they in favor of depriving fellow human beings of the right to marry the people they love, along with all the other rights attendant marriage vs civil unions–they also lack the most basic of manners.

Which in the end is not very surprising, is it?

Their rights, after all, take precedence over every other human’s out there.


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