I am not racist, because I say I’m not!

4 Aug

Thanks to the Dear Author thread that still hasn’t died (dear Lord, 812 comments and counting), I found out that the imbeciles who can’t shut up (aka the assholes behind Stop the GoodReads bullies site) are championing a book¹ that has been declared, by the overwhelming majority of its readers, as incredibly racist.

As usual, our crazy über special snowflake fidiots can’t accept that, when the majority of the consumers of a product have the same verdict, those consumers may be right–no, of course not. If two hundred plus reviews (on GoodReads alone, mind you, dog only knows what else is out there *shudder*) declare the book racist, it must be because they are all heartless bullies, not because the book–and probably its author–is, you know, racist.

After all, the author has said neither she nor the book is racist², so it must be so³.

In special privileged snowflake land, it’s the people doing the oppressing–you know, Anglo-Saxon blonde babes–who get to say whether or not what the people being discriminated against–say, black people (or really, anyone not lily white)–perceive is correct.

Therefore, Ms Special Delicate Flower Author is not racist–never mind the many well-written reviews citing specific racist tropes in the novel. Those don’t count, ’cause Ms Author said her precious baby is not racist. So there.

And you are all meanies, by the way.

~~~ * ~~~

What’s that you say?

The cover uses blackface? So what? Ms Author says it’s not racism.

And the book trailer shows a pretty blonde young thing using blackface? Didn’t you read above? Ms Author says it’s not racism!

So the superior majority race in the book is black, and described as beastly and called Coals, and the subservient minority race is white and pretty and beautiful and called Pearls? Hello, reading comprehension fail! Ms Author says it’s not racism, duh!

Sorry, what’s that you mutter over there? That there are some pretty damn detailed reviews out there, with quotes showing blatant racism? Honestly, how many times do I have to repeat myself–Ms Author has said it’s not racism, you dummy!

And there are some people of color who are offended by the racism in the book? Well, now, it’s obvious that they just don’t understand–haven’t I said enough times already that Ms Author says it’s not racism????

Really, let’s use common sense, people: it’s all bullying by the meanies! Look, three or four people have said they like it a lot (never fear, Ms Author seizes every opportunity to link to those “rave” reviews).

~~~ * ~~~

And I guess the reviews that mention piss poor editing, bad formatting and overall execrable executionnevermind the worldbuilding premise–are also just because the meanie bullies are like that. Nothing at all to do with the actual book, I’m sure.

~~~ * ~~~

As a last point: In the US at least, racist speech is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Therefore, Ms Author can write whatever the fuck she wants. A publishing house could, conceivably, buy this sorry excuse for a dystopian YA novel and task some poor copy editor to clean it of typos and other mistakes (it’s currently self-published). Book outlets, both the ever fewer brick and mortar and digital, are free to offer this for sale.

What Ms Author and her stalwart defenders over at the fucking raging misogynist site should understand is that the same amendment grants the novel’s critics the right to say, in whichever ways they want, whatever the fuck they want about this pestilent piece of steaming shit–and that exercising the right to express oneself freely to its full extent does not constitute bullying (and all the whingeing in the world won’t make it so).

Oh, and reviews? Are for readers, not authors.

~~~ * ~~~

¹ Worry not, link won’t increase their Goggle relevance

² And she supports this view of herself by telling readers in a Huffington Post article that she ‘raised her kids to be color-free’ and that, since once her son described her as tan and himself as white, she obviously succeeded. (Forgive me while I gag)

³ I’m particularly fond of this pre-review by Rose Summers:

So, Victoria Foyt writes a YA novel that promises to “turn the tables” on racism. To make a young adult audience understand that there’s more to a person than just their race. She aims to create a novel that approaches racial attitudes with sensitivity and fresh insight.

Well, I’m here to say for the record that Ms. Foyt failed miserably on all those counts.

5 Responses to “I am not racist, because I say I’m not!”

  1. twooldfartstalkingromance 05/08/2012 at 1:11 AM #

    Oh wow, this one made my head hurt.

    However, I can appreciate that the author has stated she isn’t a racist and the GRB twerps believe she should be taken at her word. Considering their logic I have decided to fully embrace it. Therefore, I am not an old, fat, short woman with a moustache. I am Angelina Jolie. Because I said it, it’ obviously so.

    Where’s Brad?

  2. J. Bridger (@JBridger1313) 05/08/2012 at 1:37 AM #

    I cannot tell you how great this summary is. I think it’s succinct and I appreciate the links to the debate at Dear Author as well. Until the Foyt controversy I had been on Goodreads but not an active member, and it was through this that I learned about the “Stop Goodreads Bullies” group and realized day by day how heinous they are. Everyone thought they were just misogynistic, but they are clearly ableist (in the Revealing Eden thread they go on to insult people with mental disorders) and racist. What a heinous and dangerous group.

    I had been scoping out that thread, which was of course censored and rejecting a ton of salient comments from people who ACTUALLY read the book cover to cover and left detailed evidence of how the book, itself, was racist even regardless of the Youtube ads and blog posts at Huff Po (which is garbage as far as I am concerned between Foyt being able to shill there with such racist/sexist/homophobic tripe and the stop group being able to post a blog promo anonymously). They eventually brought out the nonsensical argument that “Books can’t be racist as they are not sentient and cannot feel superior to other races.”

    They are rancid human beings no doubt.

    Actually, I have a link here – http://www.jbridgerwriting.blogspot.com/2012/08/a-few-choice-quotes-from-good-reads.html

    It’s not smoking gun but it highly, highly implies with the capped Belle comment that Foyt’s been in contact with them and it’s not just most likely a cause they took up but one they were probably recruited too = NO WORDS.

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