The artistry of Despoina

7 Aug

For about a year now I have visited Kellie Reynolds’ blog at Kell Belle Studio, after finding one of her excellent tutorials in YouTube. Through her I’ve discovered a number of incredibly talented artisans who create entire worlds out of the simplest of materials–paper, bits of fabric or wire, glue.

However, as anyone who has tried crafting anything knows, materials are not what matters–it’s imagination and talent.

Despoina, of the lovely MagnaDi, is blessed with incredible talent.

Take a look at the amazing, beautifully detailed paper¹ dresses she made for Kellie’s (aborted) Fashion Week Blog Hop:
This first effort clearly follows in Kellie’s footsteps and, while lovely, barely hints at Despoina’s deep well of talent. A mere couple of weeks later, this is what we see:I don’t know about you, but I’m blown away by the three-dimensionality of this dress.

This dress can be worn–if you find a doll of the right size, that is. See the bodice, the sleeves, the neckline–these are all shaped as they would be in a fabric gown.

But the piece de résistance, for me at least, is this one:

Most amazing is how faithfully Despoina captures the essence of the images her dresses seek to reproduce–this beautiful objet d’art is based on this image, an oil painting by John William Waterhouse titled Windflowers.

As impressed as I am by Kellie’s tutorials and creativity, Despoina’s sheer talent leaves me amazed and speechless.

All images are the copyright of despoina155 and are posted with her knowledge and permission.

¹ Yes, paper–all made out of paper. Can we say talent?

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