GRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! (ranty random bits)

15 Aug

So you stab someone on the chest but don’t mean to kill him–cue piteous sobbing. Really? What the hell did you mean to do then? (Or, as long as it didn’t kill him off, it was fine to wound him grievously?)

~~ * ~~

So you lift passages from articles by other, fairly well known reporters and published in other, also fairly well known media outlets. You are caught and you apologize for your ‘mistake’–nevermind that plagiarism is NOT a fucking mistake but a willful decision to act in an unethical (if not outright illegal¹) way.

~~ * ~~

So you are bored–as sometimes happens with thirteen and fourteen year olds. What better way to alleviate your boredom than to beat up a man badly enough to send him to the hospital? (At least these are not 10 and under)

~~ * ~~

So you want your significant other to pay more attention to you. What a better way to ensure that than to poison him repeatedly for years. (How exactly does giving him health issues serious enough to require medical treatment on and off for years equate his paying more attention to you, I wonder?)

~~ * ~~

And, to ice the cake of what the fuck, the 6th Circuit thinks that wiretapping without a warrant is legal.Thankfully, neither the Electronic Frontier Foundation nor the ACLU are impressed: “…the court’s reasoning deprives all of us of constitutional protection against warrantless cellphone tracking. And besides, even suspected bad guys have constitutional rights.”



¹ Bears repeating: plagiarism is not always copyright infringement, and vice versa.

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