Thank you, Jenniebellie!

17 Aug

I’ve mentioned how lately I’ve been feeling rather down. One of the first things that goes away when that happens is the mojo–both the reading (and reviewing) mojo, and the creative one. So despite my resolution to create more, nothing had been happening for ages.

Until yesterday, when all of a sudden I started crafting and just didn’t stop until I had finished making three little mini notebooks/journals. Nothing fancy, mind you, but at least I made something on my day off, instead of re-reading something for the seven-millionth time. (Not that re-reading is a bad thing in and of itself–only when it means that I haven’t reached for any of the many, many TBR books that comprise the mountain chain currently occupying my house).

What changed yesterday, you ask? Well, the lovely Jenniebellie posted this short video, that’s what:

“Sometimes we just cannot find the inclination or the energy to get creative….Sometimes all it is you trying to reengage with your mojo.”


After watching I just decided to start something–anything. Just to start and see if I could find the joy of making things again. And I did.


(I’ll post pictures as soon as I figure out again how to get them on the computer–after the fiasco that cost me $200 I didn’t/don’t have, nothing seems to be working properly *sigh*)

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