Ignorance and fear

30 Sep

In Illinois, a 19 year old mother of two abandoned her three weeks old baby on the side of a road–probably hoping that it died. Now she faces charges–which is doubly sad because apparently under state safe haven law she could have dropped the baby at several places up to 30 days after the birth.

What are the chances this girl knew that the law even existed, or how it applied to her case? And if she did know, what  pressure were other family member exerting on her to keep the baby? Never mind the 11 months toddler she’s already trying to raise.

And let’s not even go into having unprotected sex…

Meanwhile, in Florida, a 14 year old gave birth in a toilet and, finding the baby still alive after she “pried it out with scissors”, proceeded to strangle the newborn. Apparently, she didn’t tell her mother about the pregnancy so that their relationship wouldn’t change–which sounds like fear of consequences to me. Now she faces charges of premeditated murder.

Did I mention unprotected sex?

Because maybe, just maybe, having a sex education class as soon as young girls hit puberty, in which the very real risk of pregnancy–let alone STDs–are clearly explained to them, would help a bit more than all those lovely “virginity vows.”

The good lord help us all.

Then again, there’s nothing stopping parents from being proactive about this, is there?


3 Responses to “Ignorance and fear”

  1. Lori 30/09/2012 at 3:41 PM #

    Amen. What kind of parents are ignoring the fact that children can have sex and not prepare their children with information?

    I do not want my daughter to have sex until she’s emotionally and physically mature enough to handle it. But I’m not blind to knowing it could happen. And so we’ve already started those conversations.

    • azteclady 30/09/2012 at 5:50 PM #

      Denial ain’t a river in Egypt after all.

      Seriously, look at the mother of the 14 year old–don’t you think she suspected but chose not to know? I think I would notice if my daughter’s bathroom trash stopped having soiled pads for more than a few weeks at a time, wouldn’t you?


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    […] Taken just a bit further, think of all the unplanned pregnancies avoided–and all the future costs for the mother, her family and society at large, particularly in the case of teenagers. […]

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