Are we truly surprised?

5 Oct

Nine thousand women are given the choice to use contraceptives free of cost for two years as part of a study by the University of Washington. As a result, the abortion rate is cut down more than half from the national average.

Taken just a bit further, think of all the unplanned pregnancies avoided–and all the future costs for the mother, her family and society at large, particularly in the case of teenagers.

How can anyone argue with such dramatic results?

And yet, there are those who argue against it–on religious reasons alone, the Catholic Church is outspoken on its belief that contraception, let alone free contraception, is the first step down that inevitable slippery slope, wherein of course those damned heretic liberals will mandate awful crimes against humanity (or some such nonsense).

But then there are those who say that providing contraceptives–let alone actual, factual, scientifically sound, sex education–is too expensive, too frivolous and partisan a use of tax payers money.

Yes, because the cost, to wider society, of all those teenager mothers with three and more children, is negligible indeed.

Common sense, who needs it?


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