Talk about needing an effing clue

25 Oct

For a while now I’ve been mulling over writing about how fucking out of touch are all those well-meaning financial advisers who talk about “easy ways” to get out of the financial hole.

For example, this lovely list of things NOT to spend money on, and how much money you could save by abstaining. So, for those of us who already don’t spend our money on any of them, any useful and non condescending advice?

Or this piece that focus on the people who already had it figured out before the economy finished its descent to the crapper–how about people who can only dream about making $20k a year?

* * * * *

In the US, every four years we are subjected to a few, but extremely tiresome,  months of political campaigns which amount to empty grandiose promises of magical reversal of ill fortunes.

Along with these, we get tiresome articles on the economy and how the current and past political regimes have hurt the middle class–but these articles often talk about people who are rather well off.

What about the people who, before the much talked about recession of the last decade, were already struggling to make ends meet, month to month, week to week?

What about those of us who, even if so sick we can barely stand without swaying, have to choose between begging off a few hours work or buying work shoes, or paying the water bill, or even buying food?

How come all those articles on the woes of men and women whose “American dream” has shattered never mentions those who’ve never had a chance to grasp that dream?

How about those of us who can only dream about making $20K a year, let alone getting anywhere between $25K to $50K?

I guess it’s no wonder I’m so fucking angry at the asshole financial adviser in this Today clip, who talks about getting a part time job “since she’s home with the kids” without giving a second thought to the fact that unemployment is high as hell, or that with young kids you often need to pay for childcare in order to work (which would likely eat whatever she could make from a part time job).

I don’t know what this family does or doesn’t spend their imaginary “excess income” on, but I can tell you that I make roughly $400 dollars less a month that what I need to pay all my bills on time–and by bills I mean housing, car and utilities, not taking things like say, food or gas into account.

But what really and truly gets my goat is all the empty promises made via political adverts that, once this or that candidate are elected (to whichever level of government it is) everything will magically change and get better.

Unless your memory expires with your wall calendar, you should be able to see just how much bullshit that is.

* * * * *

Edited to add: well, then.


One Response to “Talk about needing an effing clue”

  1. Lori 28/10/2012 at 2:25 PM #

    Amen sister. My bills get paid in bits and pieces and sometimes not on time. My boss isn’t giving raises because business is down. And if one more person tells me not to buy coffee to save money… grrrr. I bring a thermos, pack my own lunch, buy groceries on sale, live to the bone and stlll poor.

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