Bull’s eye

8 Dec

As I posted the other day, there are a number of reasons why I love Nora Roberts.

There is the fact that she is a professional through and through–which I have cause to know first hand (or as first hand as online interactions can be,that is).

Back in the day, Ms Roberts would read and post frequently to Karen Scott’s blog, to Dear Author and to Smart Bitches, participating in conversations on a variety of topics. It was not rare that some idiot or other tried to get a rise out of her by baiting her–subtly or otherwise–and I don’t believe I ever saw her behave unprofessionally.

Once or twice she did lose her cool, to be sure, but even then she never crossed the line of civility and never ever descended to the level of the trolls attacking her.

Her generosity is well known, even though she rarely talks about it. She funds studies and scholarships, donates to worthy causes, and often invites little known and/or local authors to her extremely well-attended book signings at her husband’s bookstore in Boonsboro, Md.

And then there’s her fiction.


Her characters are most often flawed, some slightly, some quite seriously (Eve Dallas of In Death… fame is probably the best known of these, but Reece Gilmore from Angels Fall is not far behind) but they are almost invariable so well drawn we recognize them as living, breathing people.

And while I don’t relate to other women the way so many of her female protagonists do, I have been startled to see so many of my family’s dynamics on the page of her novels (‘m so looking at you, Basilario*). Uncanny, honestly.

And one of the final reasons is how often Ms Roberts bull’s-eyes my feelings on an issue or another. Such as with this quote:

If justice doesn’t triumph and love doesn’t make the circle in entertainment fiction, what’s the point? Real life sucks too often. (Angels Fall p 165, hardcover edition)

Word, Ms Roberts.


* Childhood nickname, not a real name as far as I know.

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