Seems reasonable to me.

1 Jan

On Saturday, I saw bits and pieces of President Obama’s Meet the Press appearance. Considering my own struggling finances, I have vested interest in getting the economy going again, and this stupid and childish blame-game over taxes and such that Congress has been indulging in for the past few years has done no one any favors.

But to get to the point:  during one of the segments, President Obama said something about (paraphrasing from memory here) giving more than his fair share of ground on republicans’ demands on spending cuts and such, and how he expects republicans to reciprocate by agreeing to end Bush’s era tax breaks for the wealthy. He also said something to the effect that, once you have cut expenses to the bone, you have to find other means to replenish the coffers.

As someone who has cut expenses to the point where I rather mend old socks than spend any money (and yet, I still struggle to make ends meet every other week), it makes sense to me that cutting governmental spending alone can’t solve the financial crisis. It makes a helluva lot of sense to bring money to the nation’s coffers by stopping tax breaks to the wealthy.

And, call me biased, but anyone making over a quarter of a million dollars a year probably doesn’t need those blessed tax breaks as much as someone living on unemployment or a measly social security check does.


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