Who (the fuck) does this?

8 Jan

Just now I read about pets left to die by the criminals who entertain themselves by torturing helpless beings. The most disturbing thing for me is the last line: vet Ron Hendrick says that people find tortured pets like this one about once a month–in this particular part of Texas.

Now imagine how many are found in the state.

The country.

The world.

Scary, yes?

Do the math. Chances are someone we have crossed paths with this week has been involved in something similar–perhaps not yet in the scale of the hideous injuries described in the article I linked, but probably heading that way.

And yet, I’m not just not surprised–I’m resigned to the cruelty of humans. ¹

~~~ * ~~~

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I work in a food franchise. Most customers are unremarkable, some are beacons of kindness, thoughtfulness and cheer in an often dreary line of work, and an infamous few can make you miserable for hours (if not days).

These are the people who rant to the cashier about the prices on the menu, or the size of the portions, or even the fricking ingredients. These are the people who abuse employees who are trying to follow the company’s policiest. These are the people who call the corporate offices to complain about the employee who didn’t smile at them while they were yelling at her.

Here’s a tip: that cashier can’t change the prices for you. That server can’t violate company policies on your whim. Screaming at them is not just being rude and inconsiderate; it is akin to kicking that chained puppy in the face: it’s an outlet for your rage and cruelty, period.

~~~ * ~~~

¹ (by the same token, I’m always surprised and grateful by humanity’s occasional explosions of generosity and kindness)


One Response to “Who (the fuck) does this?”

  1. Lori 08/01/2013 at 2:47 PM #

    Sick, sick bastards who would do that to an animal.

    And to anyone who treats a cashier/server/customer service person badly: you make me pray for karma.

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