Dear Victoria’s Secret…

20 Jan

This past week I saw in the news a little bit item about a petition on, to get Victoria’s Secret to design lingerie for breast cancer survivors.

Lovely idea–making women feel better after fighting, and recovering from, cancer? A very worthy cause.

Mind you, I don’t see why exactly this needed an online petition at versus, oh I don’t know, a Facebook page or some such. It’s a private company’s output they want to influence, after all, not governmental policies–but whatever¹.

Reading it brought to mind the opposite problem, though.

My problem, if you will.

I have a relatively small frame–my ribcage is 31.5″. My breasts, on the other side…let’s say that I need full coverage and no padding whatsoever. That “it’s just a little bit of nipple coverage” shit? Please–keep it. I don’t need, nor want, any more volume there, thank you very much.

Use to be, a few years ago, Victoria’s Secret did have unlined, full coverage bras with cup sizes up to DDD. Now? You are lucky if you find a DD cup–and forget about the unlined part, everything has foam.

Haven’t they seen those news bits about how breast sizes keep increasing? Why is is that 90% (if not more) of their bras are designed specifically to increase cup size?

My guess is that they don’t give much thought about women with large breasts because, despite how well known their products are, they really cater to a rather small segment of the population: not only well-off women, but women on the small side who have bought into the Barbie look².

The rest of us have never even been in their radar.

~~ * ~~

¹ Boy, am I behind the times! It seems has changed a helluva lot while I wasn’t looking. Huh.

² By the by, while doing a Google search to find the link to the Mail Online piece, the results were flooded with links for tips on how to increase breast size, from pills to pumps to bras. Holy shit, just how much self-esteem is tied to how your body is perceived by others?³

³ Which brings me back to Friday’s post.


2 Responses to “Dear Victoria’s Secret…”

  1. b303tilly (@b303tilly) 24/01/2013 at 1:15 PM #

    So, I discovered that Victoria’s Secret actually sizes their bras up. As in, if you are a C cup everywhere else, you will be a D cup there. Which is nice, I suppose, for those women who need the pick me up that buying a larger size would give them. However, because they really don’t stock above a D cup any more, if you are a D, you cannot buy their stuff. So, basically, I stopped shopping for bras there after my first pregnancy left me with a larger cup size as a parting gift.

    • azteclady 24/01/2013 at 4:53 PM #

      Actually, I just checked the website two days ago, and they do sell DDD–full coverage.

      With padding, of course.


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