And they say we are the mean girls

8 Feb

(I could also have titled this “are you fucking kidding me?” but well, I think I’ve already used that one a couple of times¹)

You know that movie opening today, Identity Thief? Apparently it sucks big hairy donkey balls the whole way through–as this review points out in pretty good detail.

There are those though who lack the words to express their dislike of the movie eloquently enough and must, therefore, resort to attacking the female lead’s weight and appearance instead of her performance. Why waste your dubious talent on writing a coherent critical review when you can resort to the oldest shorthand: call the woman fat and call it a day.

Yes, indeed, Mr Misogynist Reed of The New York Observer, manages to call actress Melissa McCarthy tractor-sized, humongous, a female hippo and obese, all in the name of writing a highly scathing movie review.

But really, says Mr Duralde (author of the first review I linked to), we women shouldn’t take it personally, because being an asshole is just Mr Reed’s schtick.²

To which I say: bullshit.

Follow the links and read both reviews, and see the difference for yourself: he’s dismissive and offensive towards Seth Rogen, while being downright abusive and hateful towards Melissa McCarthy.

Gee, I wonder why would that be/sarcasm

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

¹ Mean girls: we romance genre reviewers who dare to write reviews which are critical or even *gasp* negative about some poor author’s beautiful brain baby–because apparently we should reward effort, not talk about the work itself.

² He writes “Mr. Rogen, who looks like Limburger cheese, has carved an inexplicable career out of playing dorks who make the word “retarded” politically acceptable again” in his review of The Guild Trip.


2 Responses to “And they say we are the mean girls”

  1. Lori 08/02/2013 at 11:22 AM #

    Grrrrrr. I can’t read it because I would implode.

    Melissa McCarthy is a larger sized woman however she isn’t tractor sized, she’s freaking funny (she was the only positive for me in the movie Bridesmaids) and anyone who thinks criticism is valid by using wrds like that should lose their column space.


    • azteclady 08/02/2013 at 11:35 AM #

      I’m actually angrier at the other guy, who felt the need to go, “there, there’, lil’ wimmin, donna go gettin’ yer panties in a twist, he’s a mean’un to everyone”

      Bullshit–mean and vicious are not the same thing, and anyone who can’t see the difference is a misogynist himself, whether knowingly or not.

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